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Student Jobs

Students interested in applying for a job at the Online Testing Center may contact:
Jess Haht, 294-4303 or email

Testing Center Summer Session Schedule

Only Gilman 2552 is open during the Summer Session

Doors unlocked Doors locked[1] Computers shut down[2]
and exams must be finished
 Monday 10am 6:30pm 7pm
 Tuesday 10am 6:30pm 7pm
 Wednesday 8am 3:30pm 4pm
 Thursday 8am 3:30pm 4pm
 Friday 10am 3:30pm 4pm
Closed weekends, University holidays and breaks.

[1] Once the doors are locked students will not be allowed into the Testing Center to take exams
[2] Once the computers shut down they will not be restarted to allow students to finish exams.
Students should allow enough time to complete exams prior to computer shut down.

Testing Center Overflow Schedule

In addition to our regular testing labs we have two testing labs for overflow needs. These are Gilman 2272 and Carver 250. Please click the headline for the full schedule.

Spring Break Hours of Operation

ELO offices will be open from 7:30am to 4:30pm Monday, March 17th to Friday, March 21st.

You’re Invited!!!


Please join us for an Engineering-LAS Online Learning (ELO) Open House where you can learn about each of the areas in the ELO office, practice with new technology and WACOM hardware, and learn more about the Testing Center proctoring and testing services.

WS 320 XW, Ecofeminism


Women’s relationships with the earth, non-human nature, and other humans. The course explores the connections between society’s treatment of women and nature; origins of ecofeminism and how it relates to the science of ecology, conventional and sustainable agriculture as well as how ecofeminism relates to other branches of feminist philosophy. Evaluation and critique of modern…
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The Policy and Politics of Coastal Areas


Beaches, Reefs, Fish, Disasters, and Climate Change: Coastal Issues, Policies, and Solutions. Summer 2013 May 20- June 28 3 Credits No Prerequisites More information Instructor: Steffen Schmidt

The Policy and Politics of Coastal Areas


POL S 442/542 XW Cross Listed: ENV S Beaches, Reefs, Fish, Disasters, and Climate Change: Coastal Issues, Policies, and Solutions. Summer 2013 May 20- June 28 3 Credits No Prerequisites   Why Coastal Policy is Important Everyone loves the seashore and the coast. The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration estimates that the population density along…
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Writing Workshop

Tuesday, Feb 5th (5:30-6:45pm): Writing for Scholarly Publications in Engineering Dr. Gary Mirka (Associate Dean of Undergraduate and Graduate Education, John Ryder Professor of Engineering) will lead a discussion of when, where, how, and why to write journal publications.  Also covered will be guidelines for authors and reviewers, elements of a good journal article, common mistakes, and…
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Master of Engineering in Engineering Management

On line or on campus, the Engineering Management Program focuses on developing an individual’s engineering, science and management skills so they can succeed in a technology driven environment.  There is a growing need for engineers that can build and lead multi-disciplinary teams, while confronting technical and business challenges by applying a systems approach to solving…
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