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Information Security and Identity Theft Policy

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Course Summary

Professionals in the insurance, law enforcement, financial services, education, healthcare, and other industries need to be trained and certified in information security to meet federal and state best practices. This short Internet class provides professionals with the necessary security and Identity theft awareness training and awards a certificate upon successful completion. The class is very user friendly guiding the students through each module to completion at their own pace. We have included video clips and other visual material to make the class interesting as well as practical.

Course Topics

  • The Crisis of Identify Theft
  • The History of Identify Theft
  • Financial Schemes & Endless Scams
  • Why Computer Incidents Are So Prevalent
  • Corporate & Business Obligations
  • Laws & Policies for Business
  • Product Comparison
  • Future of Identify Theft


Michael McCoy
Michael McCoy is the co-director of The Identity Theft Prevention Institute and is a licensed insurance agent. Mr. McCoy is the Co-Author of a book on Identity Theft, Who Is You: The Coming Epidemic of Identity Theft, and is a national instructor and corporate/law enforcement lecturer/consultant. He designed and teaches the first of its kind national continuing education class on the subject, and is a regular contributor on McCoy is a recipient and the lead researcher of the 2007 and 2008 National Science Foundation (NSF) and Iowa State University Center for Information Protection (CIP) grant to study the effects of identity theft on corporations as it relates to the behavior of the individual employee. Michael McCoy can be reached by email at,

Steffen Schmidt, PhD
Steffen Schmidt, Ph.D is professor of Political Science at Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa. He is the author of 11 books including the best-selling American Government college Textbook, American Government and Politics Today. He is also a professor in the Information Assurance program, one of the national excellence centers for the training of students in information technology security. Schmidt has been “Dr. Politics” for 16 years on WOI Public Radio. He is a frequent lecturer including seminars for private corporations. He is a contractor for the US Department of State and Turner Broadcasting Media. Schmidt is also a commentator for CNN in Spanish, the BBC, and other major international media. To contact Steffen Schmidt, email:


Course Material


“The Silent Crime: What You Need To Know About Identity Theft” (ISBN: 9780977326013), authored by Steffen Schmidt and Mike McCoy. This book speaks about identity theft, a vicious crime that breaks the spirit of its victims. Learn what can be done to reduce the risk and how to recover from such a loss.*This book is included as part of registration fee. Other materials:
Schmidt and McCoy specifically collected course materials from government, private, and public sectors to teach you most current information about the topic of information security and identify theft.  They also interviewed various information security experts to share their views of what’s happening in security issues.  All materials will be updated often to reflect a nature of information security news and trends.

Course Delivery

Self-paced course that you can learn at your own time.  Seven quizzes (10 multiple choice questions each) that covers the books and other materials.  To receive a certification, you must score 80% or more in each quiz.

Course Outline

  • Module 01: Getting Started with course
  • Moduel 02: The Crisis of Identify Theft
  • Module 03: The History of Identify Theft
  • Module 04: Financial Schemes & Endless Scams
  • Module 05: Why Computer Incidents Are So Prevalent
  • Module 06: Corporate & Business Obligations
  • Module 07: Laws & Policies for Business
  • Module 08: Product Comparison
  • Module 09: Future of Identify Theft

Total Course Hour

Each module of video is anywhere between 15 min. to 30 min.
Amount of readings from the book and other materials varies on each module.


Self-paced course that you can learn at your own time.  Each module contains a quiz (10 multiple choice questions each) that covers the books and other materials provided in the course.  To receive a certification, you must score 80% or more in each quiz.

Technical Requirements

  • High speed internet connection (DSL/cable modem or higher)
  • Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari
  • Adobe Flash Player (free)
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) or other PDF readers


Register Online or call 1-800-854-1675 for more information.

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Registration Fee

Registration fee per student for this course will be $69 including a book.